AFNOR guarantee

For a guaranteed quality of service.

At INTERSPORT 4810 by Pitte in Chamonix centre, we respect the AFNOR HIRE NF X50-007 norms.
This norms ensure that the most important criteria are respected in our shop in terms of ski and snowboard hire.

The audit areas for these norms include :

  • Ski and snowboard material rental
  • Bindings
  • Shoes
  • Helmets
  • Contract
  • Relationship customer/professional
  • Information provided to the public
  • Classification
  • Qualification
  • Equipment hygiene
  • Maintenance
  • The customer satisfaction survey
  • The welcome you get from our staff
  • Staff competencies
  • The regulations (information displayed in the shop).

So you can be confident that you are entrusting your holiday to ski and snowboard hire professionals who respect their guarantees and their services!